Why you should travel to Portugal this year!

It has been names as Europe’s leading tourism destination  

think its time for you to find out why?
Read below on why we think you should visit the popular destination

Its a quick Flight

Want to get the Sun but dont want to waste a day travelling. Flights from Dublin to Portugal are just under 3 hours.
WIN WIN situation.


You’re guaranteed nice weather

With average temperatures between mid 20’s – nicer then Ireland anyways.  you are going to get that vitamin D that all of us Irish lack in our life’s

إلهي ... لو سألتني حسناتي لجعلتها لك مع شدة حاجتي إليها وأنا عبد فكيف لا أرجو أن تهب لي سيئاتي مع غناك عنها وأنت رب ؟! فيا من أعطانا خير ما في خزائنه وهو الإيمان من غير السؤال لا تمنعنا أوسع ما في خزائنك وهو العفو مع السؤال.

They have remarkable food 

If you love seafood than you are in for a treat. they serve the best of the best when it comes to fish, fruit and fresh veg and they have top notch desserts

Fresh seafood, anyone? Spotted in the old town of Nazaré, Portugal | heneedsfood.com

No changing your money 

Portugal is in the EU and also uses Europe.. Which means no panic a few days before you are set to go to get to the bank or credit union

Natural surroundings 

Portugal is formed by volcanic activity. they are not short of caves, mountains and stunning beaches. They also are home to the beautiful Serra Da Arrábida which is a UNESCO  mountain range.

Sesimbra - Portugal

It’s really safe 

Portugal has been listed as the 10th safest country to visit

Don’t want beach all the time 

Portugal has a great mix of Beach and cities. No matter what you are looking for you will find it in Portugal. Lounge by the beach for a few days and take a day trip to the city or visa versa

Portugal is often overshadowed by its suave and much larger neighbor, Spain. But the country has a lot to offer, and the capital city of Lisbon is full of surprises.


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