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We recommend everyone, including infants & children, hold a machine readable passport. As per EC Regulation 444/2009, which came into effect on 26 June 2012, children traveling to, from or through all Schengen countries, plus Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania are no longer permitted to travel on their parents passport and are required to hold their own individual travel documentation.

Irish_passportYour passport is a valuable document. You will often have to produce your passport when registering at hotels or cashing travelers’ cheques. You must carry it when traveling abroad, including on visits to other members states of the European Union, except the U.K. It is advisable however, to bring some form of identification when traveling to the U.K.

Passport application forms are available from all Garda stations and from Post Offices, that provide the “Passport Express” service. For further information on passports, visit the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Passports Page


Many countries require Irish Citizens to have a visa before they can enter that country on holiday or to work. Please check with Corrib Travel about visas for your destination or the Embassy or Consulate of the Country you intend to visit. Please allow plenty of time to apply for your visa if required. For information about appropriate visas, please visit the Visa First website.

visasPlease note: Everyone (including children & infants) traveling/transiting the U.S. must have a machine readable passport and are required to obtain travel authorization 72 hours in Advance of Travel. For more information visit the U.S Border Control website.  Turkish Holiday Visa   As from 10 April 2014, it will no longer be possible for passengers to buy/obtain a visa upon arrival at entry points in Turkey. Instead, passengers should obtain an e-visa (on-line) in advance of their travel.

The citizens of the following EU countries (on condition that they hold an ordinary passport) are required to obtain an e-visa, irrespective of the length of their stay: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, “Greek Cypriot Administration” (quote from the Turkish authorities), Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK.

An e-visa is also required by citizens of the following countries, if their stay in Turkey is longer than 3 months: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary (30 days), Italy, Latvia (30 days), Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden (conditions may apply). This means that the new e-visa requirement will be critical for passport holders from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, “Greek Cypriot Administration” (quoted), Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and UK, as they need in all cases a visa, but can no longer buy it at the border as from April.

The e-visa can be obtained online from the following link: More information is available on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Prior to traveling abroad for an extended period, you should consider consulting your doctor in order to discuss known or possible health risks. This is particularly important if you are visiting a tropical region or a country where the conditions exist for the spread of infectious diseases. If you take medication on a regular basis you should ask your doctor to prescribe an amount adequate for your visit and bring it with you.

Certain diseases are prevalent in particular world regions. Malaria is present in parts of Africa, Central and South America, Asia and the Pacific. Some diseases or illnesses – e.g. cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, various types of food poisoning – can be contracted from consumption of contaminated food or water, especially in areas where standards of hygiene are low. If you are visiting such areas you should avoid certain foodstuffs, particularly dairy products salads, seafood and untreated water.

For further information on Vaccinations please visit Tropical Medical Bureau.

Travel Insurance

All Holiday arrangements have some form of cancellation fees once booked and most airline tickets are non-refundable. We strongly recommend that all passengers have some form of insurance suitable to their requirements. Non Nationals living in Ireland for less than six months are not covered by our insurance. We highly recommend Accident and General Travel Insurance. You can arrange your travel insurance here.

ehcEuropean Health Insurance Card

European Health Insurance Card If you are visiting another member-state of the European Union, you are entitled to receive emergency medical treatment on the same basis as a national of the country concerned. You must bring with you, an European Health Insurance Card, issued by your local Health Board. Remember however, the European Health Insurance Card, does not replace full Travel Insurance Cover. For further information click on